What We Do?

We fight so that Latin America and the Caribbean may be a place where women and people who abort can do so with autonomy, supported by feminists who promote free abortion and accompany from a point of view of social justice, happiness, and pleasure.

To this end, the Compañera Network is a space for strengthening, exchange, and coordination among groups/networks/organizations of abortion support in Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s a place to join together, empower, and improve the way in which we accompany those who abort medically, and at the same time strategically impact the debate for the decriminalization/legalization of abortion in the areas where each of us live.

Strengthening the Compañera Network

Strengthening the Compañera Network

We understand the process of developing joint and collective response strategies is not unilateral. Instead, it is based on the possibility that all of us who are part of the Network can contribute and derive a sense of belonging from creating a daily routine in each of the areas where the national groups are located.

Accompany with Us

Accompany with Us

Creating spaces for exchange, mutual learning, and strengthening the abilities of all the groups that make up the Compañera Network allows us to improve the way in which we accompany people who need to abort in our regions.

This priority alludes to accompanying, as Compañera Network, the actions of political and public incidence in each country, when debates regarding the possibility of progress or regression on abortion arise.

It also refers to the process by which trust generates support. Through the possibility of seeing in the actions of each group, our regional reach toward guaranteeing safe feminist abortion care in each territory.

Generating Findings

Generating Findings

As the Compañera Network, we want to inhabit regional and global political spaces where debates over data related to abortion are taking place. This could refer to creating:
  • Joint publications.
  • Systemized regional data on abortion.
  • Evidence about medical abortion from our daily practice as companions.
  • Knowledge that allows us to take back abortion as a normal and daily practice to create positive discourse on the topic.


Each of our Political Declarations was constructed in a Compañera Network regional meeting.
  • January 18, 2020

    Political Declaration: Who We Are

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  • September 28, 2018

    September 28: The First Declaration of the Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Network of Abortion Companions

    Throughout the world and especially in the land we live in, Abya Yala and the Caribbean, women and people who gestate have aborted and will contin…
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